Uppingham POW camp

Towards the end of the First World War there were Prisoner of War (POW) camps across the United Kingdom containing German soldiers captured during the terrible conflict. One of the emerging duties was to ensure that the prisoners were being fairly treated in the camps which were often inspected by international organisations. The Uppingham POW camp was largely situated around what is now Tod’s Piece and it had been given a favourable review. Nonetheless, the War Office received a diplomatic communication from the German Government in 1918 who were concerned that the soldiers detained there had not been provided with beds. The Army Council informed the War Office that in cases where the camp huts had wooden floors they were not provided, although timber had been supplied for the prisoners to construct their own. Anecdotal accounts point to the current bowls hut having been part of the camp and used in peacetime for social functions, such as wedding receptions.

Here are some images of canteen prices of items that POWs could purchase in camps such as Uppingham in April 1918.